ELSI Developments

The most up-to-date version of the ELSI interface software is available publicly on the ELSI GitLab server.

We greatly appreciate all contributions to the ELSI project in any form.  If you would like to submit your own contributions to ELSI, please feel free to contact us at any time to receive an account to the ELSI GitLab server.

ELSI Releases

The current release of the ELSI Interface software is v2.3.1.  Instructions on how to install and use this version of ELSI are available in the users’ guide.

Earlier releases of ELSI are provided below for archival purposes.  Please contact us if support for an old version is needed.

Solver Libraries and External Dependencies

The current release of ELSI contains the ELSI interface software as well as redistributed source code of the ELPA, libOMM, NTPoly, PEXSI, SuperLU_DIST, and PT-SCOTCH libraries.  The installation of ELSI will build the redistributed solver libraries (ELPA, libOMM, NTPoly, PEXSI) and their dependencies (SuperLU_DIST, PT-SCOTCH) automatically.  However, if the user wishes to build the libraries themselves or has pre-installed versions of the libraries available, they may link ELSI against the individual libraries externally.

In addition, the SLEPc-SIPs solver may be enabled.  The following two external dependencies must be installed by the user before compiling ELSI with SLEPc-SIPs support:

A “minimum” installation for ELSI is also available, which disables both PEXSI and SLEPc-SIPs and only compiles source code written in Fortran.  Please refer to the users’ guide for more information.