ELSI Release

The current release of the ELSI Interface software is the “May 2017” release. Instructions on how to install and use ELSI are available in the user’s guide.

The latest version of the ELSI source package and the manual are available on the ELSI GitLab server.

Solver Libraries and External Dependencies

The ELSI source package contains the ELSI interface layer as well as redistributed source code for the solver libraries ELPA, libOMM, and PEXSI.  To use PEXSI, the following two external dependencies must be installed by the user before compiling ELSI:

  • SuperLU_DIST (version 5.1.2/5.1.3 compatible with ELSI May 2017)
  • ParMETIS (version 4.0.3 compatible with ELSI May 2017)

A “minimum” installation for ELSI is available, which disables PEXSI support and does not require SuperLU_DIST or ParMETIS.  Please see the installation documentation for more information.

The default installation of ELSI will build the redistributed solver libraries (ELPA, libOMM, PEXSI) automatically as part of a unified make process.  However, if the user wishes to build the libraries themselves or has pre-installed versions of the solver libraries available, they may link ELSI against the individual solvers externally.  The source packages for individual solver libraries supported by ELSI may be found at:

  • ELPA (version 2016.11.001 & 2017.05.001 compatible with ELSI May 2017)
  • libOMM (version 0.0.1 compatible with ELSI May 2017)
  • PEXSI (version 0.10.2 compatible with ELSI May 2017)