Electronic Structure Infrastructure (ELSI) Connector Meeting 2016

August 19th, 2016 – UC Berkeley

More details may be found on the meeting website hosted by UC Berkeley here.


Volker Blum, Lin Lin, Jianfeng Lu ELSI overview
Jeffery Neaton Understanding charge transport and level alignment at hybrid interfaces with ab initio methods (pdf)
Lin-Wang Wang Plane-Wave DFT calculations on GPU
Jeff Hammond Intel Xeon Phi processors and their potential for computational atomistic simulations (pdf)
Fabiano Corsetti A proposal for the foundation of an ELSI test suite (pdf)
Zhaojun Bai Solving symmetric semi-definite (ill-conditioned) generalized eigenvalue problems (pdf)
Bert de Jong NWChemEx, computational chemistry to the exascale
Marc Berger NVIDIA presentation
Victor Yu ELSI interface (pdf)
Haizhao Yang Eigensolver (pdf)
Mathias Jacquelin Architecture and sparse linear algebra benchmark examples (pdf)